A Day for Thanks


Today is Thanksgiving, and it seems the norm to have a big meal, and run out the door for that Black Friday shopping. Christmas carols have been planing now since Halloween. I drove down shore a few nights ago to deliver cheese, and so many Christmas trees were up and decorated, proudly seen from their windows. Wow! slow down.

I love fall, and the holidays that come during this time of year but today I’m making our family meal, and scrolling Facebook and see so many saying just happy Thanksgiving.  It’s a thing like happy birthday. All these emojis, and I’m guilty of using them too. Im blessed and thankful for our Guernsey’s, the Guernsey products, and customers. And we area thankful. However    I’m breaking that mold I have a story to tell.

My husband and I will be celebrating our anniversary in a few weeks. I’m very blessed for him, I love where I live  but it is no where near how I was raised. He is a patient man.  I’m an artist and I drew the pastel above. Two geese as they fly together, and only with their instincts and wind to push them along their journey. Did you know geese mate for life?

The night I drew this we had had an argument and he went to bed. Today I couldn’t even tell you what it was about, but I couldnt rest or settle myself, so I sat down and in two hours had this in front of me. I had settled down, and was able to sleep. I am most thankful for our journey together. We have had so many blessings, and really even the bumps are blessings just as the wind can help or slow geese as they fly, the bumps teach us and steer us and help guide us. He is my best friend, partner and spouse, as we are guided on our journey threw life. Have a blessed day. Slow down enjoy yourselves and those around you. It could all change tomorrow.


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