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A Little Bit of Silage

Filling the Silo

I have added pictures before, but I had this video, and finally figured out how to upload it into a blog. It isn’t the best video, but it shows the process of how the chopped corn gets into the the silo. I have spoken about all the moving parts that make it dangerous, and this shows how dangerous it can be.

The video is a little loud, but when working around this equipment it is loud. I always say this is why my husband is hard of hearing. Some people wear ear protection. Either way it only adds to the danger. I will say even with all the noise, there is a pattern.

Its raining today so I’m sure the men at home are finding something to do, but as soon as it is fit, they will be back at it. I think we are a little more than half done. Enjoy today, even the rain is beautiful in its own way.

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