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Silage is Done!

As the last wagon went into the silo as the sun was setting. Corn silage has been completed. The next few days have been oiling, greasing and any maintenance needed on the chopper and wagons before they were put away for the winter. We still have a lot of harvest ahead of us, but personally this is the most stressful. We were able to fill one silo, and partially fill the second. Both silos have been checked over and have been running feed to the cows, heifers, bulls and steers ever since. As this last wagon was unloading, we were already mowing down our last cutting of hay.

As we finished up with hay, we had a little burp. As we were bring in the hay, from the field, one wagon decided it was nice out in the field. Well actually, it was moving fairly slow, so it just drifted to a gentle stop when the hitch broke. This was some of the last few bales to be brought in and wrapped, so the wagon is in line to be fixed over the winter. So what is next? Well- There were a few days of rain, and it benefited our store.

Yes we had a few days to shift gears, and restock the store. I love fall, and Indian corn. Of course I’m just getting started as I have plans on our farm and our fall decorations. We sit a bit off the road, so what ever I do has to be kind of big. So, stay tuned for that.

So as the sun set last night I finished my last 100 years corn corn for the freezer, and started making apple sauce. The apples this year are so good, and our family loves homemade apple sauce. I will use the juice from cooking the apples down to make apple jelly, but that is for another day. I already made several batches of zucchini bread for the freezer, but I noticed it already gone. So maybe a day of bread and jelly is on my list.

Every day we take little steps, and before we know it our goal is accomplished. Sometimes it takes longer, and sometimes it easier that we thought. When the list is big and we are full of anxiety like we had ahead of us in August, just take little steps.

Remember to watch the sun come up and go down. The world as it awakes and as it falls asleep, is full of choices. keep an eye out for them so they don’t pass you by.

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