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We will be adding new products often so please check back.

Our dairy products are produced from our pasture kept Guernsey herd. Our herd was started back in 1920’s, and many of our cows today are descendants from the original  herd. The Guernsey cow is known for their golden-colored milk. This is from beta carotene, and they are the one breed that can break this down in their feed and pass it on into their milk. Guernsey’s are also known for their A2A2 milk. At least 90% Guernsey’s are A2A2.  This protein  is easier on the digestive system and is known for its health benefits. We are currently testing our Guernsey herd so we can become a certified 100% A2A2 herd. We plan to reach that goal before September  2019, but certification, and labeling will take longer.

Our cheese made from 100% Guernsey milk. Our guernsey’s are pasture kept, and have a grass based diet in the summer. They also have hay, and corn silage available to them every day.

We are selling our 8 oz packs of cheese for $6.00 a pack. 20oz  is $12.00, and 5lb blocks  are available upon request. Our flavors are plain Cheddar, Smoked Cheddar,  Garlic and Chives, Colby, Pepper Jack and Herbal Jack.

Sweet Cream Butter  is made from the milk form our pasture  kept Guernsey`s.  Its rich color is natural and its golden hue lends to its name sake,  and other products manufactured with Golden Guernsey Milk.


The Photograph on our butter label is of one of our favorites. Pine Grove YB Mince. We purchased her for our son, and she quickly became one of the queens in the barn. Mince’s picture will be one of the recurring photographs through out our store. She was instrumental in providing not only A2A2 milk, but has been a great 4-H companion and team member for our son.  Mince may not have been born on our farm, but she is a great addition to our pastured herd.  Our Butter label my change from time to time, but her face will always be a part of our label.


If you are interested in purchasing  butter, please send me a message or email so I can figure shipping costs.  Cost depends on  the cost of 1 – 2 day shipping to your location.  

The $10.00 butter box is available by order and local pick up only. There are 4 molded flowers, one regular sweet cream, one honey, one honey cinnamon, and one garlic and chive.  This is a special and is only available for the Christmas season. *Update we are sold out for the 2020 season*


We also have 7 different cheeses at this time to offer you.

Cheddar Cheese. It’s a great cheese with crackers and a favorite red wine.  I personality like to have a slice of cheddar cheese, and bread and butter pickle slice on a cracker. It is only aged a minimum of 60 days so this is not a supper sharp cheese.  Like all our current cheeses it is a raw milk cheese aged 60 days before it is packaged, labeled and sold.


Smoked Cheddar cheese is a favorite for many. When this is made, it is made as a regular cheddar, but just prior to cutting and packaging, it is rubbed down with a smoke flavoring. Our favorite for cheese burgers. Add a slice of bacon and boom, a bacon cheeseburger.


Colby our next cheese. This is a mild cheese with a gentle flavor. Like our cheddar it is also a raw milk cheese and aged 60 days. We use this cheese as a base for some of our other cheeses.  I’ll use this cheese in salads etc. I think it blends itself well with a variety of flavors.


Chesapeake is our newest flavor. Using a Colby base we added a local seafood flavoring. It’s a gentle reminder of carb feasts and in fact would go well with that summer time fresh corn and steamed crab get together. I think it also goes well on hamburgers.  This is one of our more popular cheeses.


Pepper Jack is perfect for those that like a little kick with their cheese. Also made from a Colby base, jalapenos are added to spice it up.  I’m not a spicy food person, but it lends it self well to grilled cheese sandwiches. I think it would also be great used in cheesesteak subs.


Herbal Jack is another flavor made from the Colby. It’s not hot, but has a unique mixture of herbs and spices. I use this to cube and add to salads.


Garlic and Chive is one of my favorites. Also made from a Colby, it is full of that garlic and chive flavor.

Need a gift we’ll ship, your choice of 3 cheeses. One block each of Colby, Cheddar, and Smoked Cheddar, and a cheese knife in a wooden round cheese box for $25.00 plus shipping. For Christmas we are also adding a small local hand painted oyster shell ornament.  You can also pre-order via email, this and pick it up  in our store The Guernsey Depot located in Chestertown Md., or at the Kent Island Farmers Market. 


2020 holiday 3 cheese gift box.

Please feel free to email us with any questions. Shipping will depend on the location it is being shipped to. We are located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and it will ship via UPS.

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