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Where can you find Our Products

Our Pastured herd of Guernsey’s grace our cheese labels

Kent Island Farmers Market-

The Kent Island Farmers Market is located just off of west bound US. Rt 50/301. It is an outdoor market and has been able to use part of the Cult Classic Brewery parking lot each week. Open on Thursday’s currently from 3:30 to 6:00. We have a table set up with our Cheese, Butter and beef.

At the Market we accept both cash and credit. Credit is contactless for those who tap etc. Cheese by the block is $7.00, 8oz butter tub is $5.00, and 16 oz. butter tub is $7.00. We look forward to seeing you.

Look for our banner and beige tent.

Centreville Farmers Market-

The Centreville Farmers Market is located in downtown Centreville on Lawyers Row. Its open on Sundays from 9-1 pm and will continue thru October before taking a winter break.

At this Market we accept both cash, credit, and SNAP. Credit is contactless for those who tap etc. Cheese by the block is $7.00, 8oz butter tub is $5.00, and 16 oz. butter tub is $7.00. We also have an assorted cooler full of pasture raised beef from our farm, eggs, and an assortment of jams, and jellies. We look forward to seeing you.

Centreville Farmers Market

The Guernsey Depot-

Located at 819B High Street, Chestertown Maryland. This is the Dairy’s current farm store. It is stocked with all our products. Check out our Facebook page for current open times. We take cash, credit and EBT.

Dogwood Lane Dairy Delivers-

This is our online home delivery site. We deliver once a week. We service, Kent, lower Cecil, Talbot, and Queens Anns Counties. Visit for more information.

Dogwood Lane Dairy-

Visit to ship door to door. From here you can order our butter and or cheese and have it shipped to your door. Want to send cheese as a gift, you can do the too.

Red Acres Hydroponics-

Located at 25367 Lambs Meadow Rd, Worton Maryland 21678, and they are open every day from 7am to 5pm. Red Acres carries our A2A2 butter and assorted A2A2 cheeses.

Cross Street Food and Garden-

Located at 105 W Cross St, Gelena Maryland 21635, and they are open Monday thru Saturday 9am – 7pm, and Sunday 9am – 6pm. Cross Street carries our assorted A2A2 cheeses.

Toot Valley-

Located in Lincoln University Pa. This is an Amish farm market that currently carries our A2A2 butter.

Evermore Farm est. 1783

Located in Westminster Md and comes with a great history. Charles Carroll, one of America’s Founding Fathers and signer of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, owned our land in 1759. In a town in Pennsylvania – Glenville, just outside Hanover, John Woerner (as he spelled it then) was farming with his son George in 1776. John’s father farmed near Littlestown and had come from Germany. John was born there in 1737. George left home to serve under George Washington. In 1783, George came home. He and his dad decided to move to Westminster and bought 177.5 acres of land that had been part of Charles Carroll’s Molly Fancy tract. This was the birth of Evermore Farm.

Today, Evermore’s owners, John & Ginger Myers, seek to continue the local food heritage of this wonderful piece of history. We have a lifetime of agricultural experience. Our goal is to share the heritage, help others learn more about where their food comes from, why it is important, and enjoy the food we produce.

check out They have an on-farm store, and online ordering, and year-round CSA shares. They carry both our A2A2 butter and our A2A2 cheese.

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