Guernsey Dairy Products

Our 100% Guernsey herd will soon be certified A2A2. Check out our products. The love for our herd shows in the amazing products made from the milk they provide us.


Here at Dogwood Lane, we have been milking cows since the 1920’s. John Christian started with Guernsey cows, and we still maintain the descendants of that herd today. We are a small 100% registered Guernsey  herd maintained by our family.  Our Guernsey’s have sheds and added bedding, for their comfort, as they are pasture kept 24/7. Often they are out enjoying the sun and cool breezes as they graze our pastures. During the winter when seasonal grass is dormant, we feed a range of different hay, silage and supplement with grain. All home grown.

We have recently started to direct market our milk. Guernsey milk has so many added benefits  that aren’t found in conventional  milk. Guernsey’s are known for their A2A2 milk. Our goal is to be certified 100% by the end of the year sometime. We are currently at about 95%  A2A2. You can find out more about the Guernsey cow, their golden milk and  A2A2 at

Currently we have 7 varieties of cheese, and butter available.  We also ship. Shipping prices can get expensive since raw aged cheese is perishable. There is a window in which the cheese can be shipped  with dry ice or cold packs before it expires.

Check out our “Shop” page for our products.   You can purchase and pick up at the Guernsey Depot, or join our local home delivery route.  The Guernsey Depot is located at 819B High Street, Chestertown Md. 21678.  The Guernsey Depot has all our cheeses, butters and all current cuts of beef. The Guernsey Depot also has other local foods from our local farmers. Not all items that are in the store will be online. Store pick up days are on Thursdays.

We have a blog page as well. It’s a great way to keep up with things happening here on the farm. I am trying to add regularly, but some days go by way to fast and our animals always come first.

-Farm to table, follow the journey.-


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