A time for thanks


Life passes by way to fast. Even though we have been milking and caring for Guernsey’s for over 90 years, we at this current time do not have a milk co-op to purchase our milk. For last 10 weeks we have been on our own.  This change to direct market to the customer was for many reasons.   The change has been scary, stressful but also rewarding.  Dogwood Lane Dairy  appreciates everyone who has purchased and tried our product. You all are half the equation. We are blessed to have great cows and customers like you. Thank you.

We now ship our cheese nation wide, and have several outlets for it. We are in the Chestertown Farmers Market every weekend possible, and we are moving forward with getting it into local restaurants. So be sure to look for it. Again thank you.


Location Worton Maryland 21678 E-mail Dogwoodlane96@gmail.com Hours Due to bio security, visits to the farm are by appointment only.
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