The Guernsey Depot


We have officially opened the Guernsey Depot. Fresh produce, meats, dairy, and many other locally grown, and produced products. Our goal is to be the place consumers can go to get good local products. Our local farmers market offers so many different products, but come mid week there is no where to purchase all those wonderful foods. We hope to fill that void. It gives us a chance to sell our farm products, and provide other local things. Stay local, buy local.

Ask about out products. Our goal is to be able to tell you where that product came from and it’s journey from farm to store. We all want to eat better, and we want to provide the best products possible.

So why in the name The Guernsey Depot?

We are very partial to the Guernsey cow.  This breed of dairy cow is unique and we have owned and milk only Guernsey’s. The store is filled with many Guernsey things, of course I’m always adding more.

The Depot, well back in the 1920’s our milk was loaded and taken by horse and buggy about 4 miles up the road to the plant. The milk plant bottled and loaded the milk into railroad cars. The store we just opened sits along what used to be railroad tracks. The same rail road line that made its way past the old bottling plant that our milk originally shipped out on in the 1920’s. Therefore The Guernsey Depot.

The store does have its own Facebook page, but it will share the website with the farm. From farm to store….stay local, buy local, and follow it’s journey.


Location Worton Maryland 21678 E-mail Dogwoodlane96@gmail.com Hours Due to bio security, visits to the farm are by appointment only.
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