After the Storm


As the storm rolled on by we were hit with a lot of water. Over 7+ inches in fact. The amount of rain always important. It is always the one thing we do after a storm is to call the neighbor and ask how much rain they got. I think it is also an indirect way to check on one another with out saying so.  This picture above is one of our cow pastures. It is usually filled with cows grazing, but not today. When I took this picture they were up getting milked and checked over for any issues they may have had from the storm. After that they are allowed back out into their shed and pasture. You would be surprised some don’t mind the rain and will stay out. However this storm was an exception. The picture below is what it normally looks like.


You know when they get close cause you can hear them as they gather their mouths full of green grass and chew. You can hear them sniffing too. If you sit really still they will come check you out. Pop their ears up, sniff, and sometimes lick you. Other times they will sniff you and touch you accidentally, then jump a mile. Sometimes if they sniff you and recognize the smell then they will almost knock you down rubbing on you.


As the tropical storm moved north, clear skies moved in.  The corn still standing, and the soy beans adding new growth as they reach for the sun. The barn is drying out, and the cows have resumed to their place of grazing. We were blessed that our corn is still standing, and the wind didn’t cause to much damage to the buildings and sheds. Many around us lost their homes to short lived tornados that pop up in tropical storms. For us, its moving on after the storm. For others they are still living the reality of storms.

Enjoy today!

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