Tomatoes and Kittens


With the last tropical storm that blew threw, there was a lot of damage or loss to vegetable plants. Out door gardens flooded and the wind knocked down lots of plants. So to say the least the idea is to pick as much as you can before the storm.

Tomatoes seem to be in abundance in our home. Before the storm we were able to make mostly tomato sauce. We use tomato sauce for many different types of meals. Everything from a parmesan dish to spaggitti, to meatball subs. My husband loves stewed tomatoes, so I’ll can a hand full of cut tomatoes for him.  This year im trying somthing new, ketchup. The men on this farm love their ketchup. So why not. I think honestly with covid 19 in the air, if I can stay away from the big markets that would make me very happy. Any ways, I made my first batch last night. Its still cooling and will until this evening when I check the seals and label the jars. Tomato Salsa is next, but I still have a few jars left from earlier this year, so can really wait.  I think next will be string beans. With all the rain, fields are flooded, some farmers have opened up random fields for the public to just come and pick. Some places it just to muddy, and tractors will get stuck. By the time it dries out the crop will be to mature to harvest.  Crops are lost and I give kudos to farmers that will share before calling it a total loss and plowing it under.




With all the cooking inside, my son sent me this picture while he was outside doing his chores. Our little babies are growing. They are so sweet, and so spoiled. It wouldn’t be out of the normal to see one being carried around while we are doing chores, and when milking is done they know it’s “foodie time”.

Remember to enjoy today, because, tomorrow isn’t promised.



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