Try Something New


I love living on the farm. I love the open space, fresh air, and I love putting food up. What scares me the most is using a pressure canner. My mother in-law past away before she really had a chance to show me. I’m a hands on learner, so I really needed someone to be there. Its just the way I learn.  Well, this year I took the plunge and told myself, have faith and to just do it. So I bought a brand new canner. All my putting up has been via hot water bath, or freezing, so this is another option.  There is only so much freezer space, and we are down one freezer.

So what did I choose to start with. Sweet potatoes! I know this is a root harvested this time of year and has a long shelf life if stored properly, so it seems odd to do this. I had read everything I could find on canning sweet potatoes. Then I found a recipe from someone that canned theirs in a honey syrup. PERFECT!!!!!  I had local honey from a friend, and some sweet potatoes.

One meal we love is having over the winter is candied sweet potatoes. I would only make this when I had plenty of time to cook and prep. By canning them ahead of time, I now have a jump in my prep for dinner.


So when all was said and done I have added 7 jars of sweet potatoes to the pantry (those other 3 jars are peach jam that I made while waiting on the canner). However, that’s 4 meals.  Its not a lot but if I purchased these already canned from the local super market each can is about $3-4.00. Plus the local honey. Is it a good trade off, maybe but I at least know what is exactly in my jar of sweet potatoes – sweet potatoes, water, and honey.  Best part is that I tried something new. The door has opened for more ideas and options.

Let your Faith be bigger than your Fear, and try something new.


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