Labor Day Weekend Is Here

Early morning on one of our Ponds. Still and quiet.

Well it is Labor Day weekend and a holiday that includes time off. Did you go to the beach? Have a BBQ? Visit family or friends? Not us- not on our farm, but we could if we wanted to. On this early Saturday morning as the sun rises, I am off to stock and open our store in town. The men are milking, and feeding. They will conclude by eating their own breakfast only after all the other animals have been tended to. So by about 9 am they will have finished eating and can start their day. I wish I could say its a BBQ. We are however working on our corn silage. The corn is ready to be chopped and put in the silo. I wish we could choose that date, but mother nature does that. Corn is technically a grass. Stored in the silo and fed during the winter is one way to make sure they are getting the nutrients they need. They will also get hay and the cows that are milking will also get ground grain that we harvested earlier this year.

Hooking up the blower to the silo. photo taken by P. Myers.

How has it been going so far. Well we got the blower hooked up to the silo. Then well we ran a few test runs and boom.

Things have started off slow. The rim on the rear right tire broke. We unloaded the silage from the wagon to fix the tire and hooked it back up. It looks worse than it was cause he had just come from the field and crossing the driveway as it broke. That entire field behind the tractor will be chopped and put in the silo. We will be working on this for the better part of next week or until the silo is full. Once fixed, on we go just need to come back and clean up the silage we unloaded from the wagon to make it a little lighter as we fixed the tire.

Enjoy Labor Day, but please remember from now into late fall, tractors will be on the roads. Our load can only go so fast and we can’t stop on a dime. We have mirrors, but if your to close you will be in our blind spot. We have the same right to be on the roads, and most farmers try to move equipment during off peak hours when possible.

I think our “Labor Day” will happen when all field work is done and equipment has been put away for the winter. Then it will be just milking and caring for our Guernseys, and all fix it items on our agenda.

Tomorrow isn’t promised so enjoy today. It is a beautiful as we choose to make it.

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