January on the Farm

New butter Label

Well It has been a cold, damp, and cloudy winter so far. I wish I could say its all roses and sunny perfect days, but it seems to be staying the course. As the day closes and we come in to eat and get warm, it becomes so hard to go back out. So one thing I have done is revamp our butter label. I have never been satisfied with the ones we had, so I have kept playing with them. Finally I have one I like. Mince has been on all our butter labels, and she is a special cow. So I was determined to keep her as a part of the butter label. We have the labels is stock, but they will slowly make their way on to the tubs as we use the other ones down.

What is the story of Mince. Her registered name is Pine Grove YB Mince. She was born in Ohio. As a young heifer she was offered for sale. This sale was a special one. The Pa Guernsey Association holds a breed sale every year. However there are a few chosen heifers to be sold to just youth, and Mince was one of them. We purchased Mince for our oldest son Henry. She started going to 4-H events with him. Henry had a few other show animals, and White Hall Neon Paige was one them. Paige was a young cow. Paige went with him to All American Dairy Show. They did well. It was always a part of the deal, that if one of his animals finished first or second, we would move on to the next show. Paige was second in Pa. Our next show was in Kentucky. The night before we left Paige just wasn’t right (in the end nothing was wrong with her). I just couldn’t make Paige travel, when my gut didn’t agree. So here is where Mince came in. I wasn’t sure I could get all the paperwork done, but it all fell into place. Mince went to KY. She was 5th. From that point on she and Henry clicked. The rest of his 4-h career involved Mince in some way. Mince has several offspring and all are A2A2. Paige was and is still with us, don’t worry she and Mince are and will always be his queens of the farm.

Henry and Mince in Pa.

Mince has a special bond with Henry, and always will. Like all our Guernseys Mince is family. She is one of the many reasons Henry wants to stay in the dairy industry.

Mince is a blessing to Henry and our farm. Things come into ours lives for many reasons. Some longer than others, and not always as what we expect, but usually is what we need.

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