March Winds

Good Morning Boys. Thanks for showing us where the fence went down last night.

It feels like we have had so much rain this winter, but I know come summer we will probably be praying for rain. When I was little mom use to say March will roll in like a lion and leave like a lamb or roll in like a lamb and leave like a lion. It of course refers to the winds. It seems this year it has rolled in like a lion. I am not a fan of the March winds. The feel sharp cold air and even though the sun is warm, that March wind sucks the warmth away. However I do believe this is the first year ever I have looked forward for those March Winds.

Strong winds and soft ground blows fences down and the boys figured it out last night. Of course 6 of the boys decided that our back yard was a great place to spend the night. Guess it was a good thing I would have never herd them or known they were out. The wind also blows weak trees down. When I was young my mom always said it was mother natures way of pruning the older trees, making way for the healthier younger trees. Well that was a nice way of trying to put it in prospective for me, but I still couldn’t sleep at night.

The boys as they play a game of catch us if you can. They are finally safe in their pasture.

Now that the boys are back in their field and we had a little sleep, we wake to another windy day. But the blessing of the discomforting sharp March wind is that the ground is drying out. The wind helps to dry the fields so hopefully we can start spring work. We have so much to do, but are just waiting. It makes more work if we tear up the fields in the spring, and then will have to ride those ruts and bumps all year until we can plow them down.

Dreaming of this time of year.

Until then I’ll just keep dreaming of spring. The smallest grass shoots appear, the daffodils and crocuses beginning to bloom. Followed by the dogwood tress that line the lane. The sun is warm, the wind become a gentle breeze, and the color of a new year returns from the winter’s dormant nap.

Don’t look back, look forward, adjust if needed. We can do this, and improve on years past.

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