Thanksgiving has Past

As I start setting the table, and preparing for the meal, let’s not forget to say thank you for all we have, and remember those that have gone before us. The last two plus years have been a roller coaster. I have so many dreams (and honey do’s) but, I must also remember I am blessed for where I am, and all that I have.

A pretty tablecloth covers a broken table, and the search to find enough utensils to all the place settings. The heat turned on for attending elderly family, ant the hole in the chimney covered with a wreath. Point is, we can hide so many things from others, but it doesn’t change who we are or what we have. What made our thanksgiving special, wasn’t the pretty tablecloth, the matching flatware or chairs, fancy shaped butter, or the fancy food platers, but it was sharing time with those around the table. Slowing down and making time to Share our stories, and make memories with one another.

Now Thanksgiving has past, the broken leaf and the years of scratches on the table show, the flatware and flashy dishes have been put away, and the heat turned down. We are who we are, and at the end of the day, what are left are the memories of a Thanksgiving past. Ours was one of the best I think we have ever had.

Family, close friends being who we are. No games just pulling together and making memories over a meal during Thanksgiving.

In this day, stay in touch. We all want normal, but normal is what we make of it. We are who we are and we hope everyone had a blessed holiday.

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