Following our Dreams


This year has been an incredible journey. There has been so much change. We have said good bye to loved ones, started new ventures, and probably everything in between. We took faith in what we have been given, have been working to share it with our community. We are truly thankful for all who have supported us. I have said from the beginning our customers are half the equation. Thank you, and we look forward to a bright 2020.

As we move forward into 2020, we are still changing. Many have herd and questioned what we have been into. I’m the quiet one that has always wanted my ducks in a row before I do things. Last summer the heat took a toll on my MS, and our boys stood up to the challenge and filled in where I couldn’t. My husband, however decided we needed to make a change. After working on many different ideas, one has came to us.

We have been working on opening a small store. This has actually been a dream of the boys, and this will also keep me in a controlled climate. There is one problem our dairy products won’t fill the store. Our plan is to bring as many locally grown/produced products from our ag community into one space. We plan to call this place, “The Guernsey Depot”.

Merry Christmas to you all and thank you.


Location Worton Maryland 21678 E-mail Dogwoodlane96@gmail.com Hours Due to bio security, visits to the farm are by appointment only.
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