Spring Is Here


Spring is here, and there is so much going on.

The new fence is keeping the boys in, and looks great. They love being down by the road in the am while they graze. They must have an internal clock, because they will head up to the barn about 8 am to see what Paul is bringing them.

Some mornings have been damp and a little foggy, but they keep the same pattern. Its nice to finally have fresh grass growing. Those kelly green shoots of green grass are always a blessing. We know when the onion grass is beginning to grow. They will come and say hi, as their onion breath covers us.

The next big thing we did was purchase a Delivery Van. With the farmers markets, wholesale, home delivery, and product pick up, it was time. Don’t worry I still have my truck. This gets better fuel mileage, and helps me stay a little more organized. I do miss driving my truck, but I guess with my MS it is easier to get in and out of.

This will be the logo that will eventually go on the van, but for the moment We have one that is similar to our cheese label.

Our store is still up and running 6 days a week. From our website customers will be able to order on line, and pick up in the store on Thursdays.

Other than these few things, we are almost finished our early planting. We still have a lot to plant, but the rest will have to wait until we harvest from what we planted in the fall. Most of this is wheat, and barley. We plan to chop and put it up in the silo for feed. We plant regular and cover crops to help the soil over the winter. The regular crops we will let it mature and harvest the grain and bail the stalk for bedding. The cover crop, we are in agreement with our county and can not allow it to mature out. We have two options. One to spray it and kill it, then plant, or chop for feed. Spraying it down just hurts the environment with needless chemicals, when we can use it to feed or animals.

So as the spring days pass enjoy them. I have been planting asparagus crowns, grapes, and tomatoes. My evening walks are full of company, and we all enjoy the sunsets. Here’s to the closing of one day and the prospects of a new day on the horizon.

Fruitcake’s family line goes back to the original herd that began on this farm in the 1920’s.

Location Worton Maryland 21678 E-mail Dogwoodlane96@gmail.com Hours Due to bio security, visits to the farm are by appointment only.
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