Feels Like Summer

The past week feels like summer for sure. HOT, HOT, HOT! However we still plug away at the chores. The heat is always a big worry because we push while the sun is shinning. Kind of like the old saying, “making hay while the sun is shinning”. We need to be careful. With my MS, shouldn’t be out in the heat above 85 degrees. It’s hard living on a farm, but I try to find a balance. Nice days are as much our friend as they are also not so friendly. On another farm close by a friend had a stroke. Typical farmer, “hay needs to be done, I don’t have time to go to the ER.” I will Note he did go, and he will be home soon from the hospital. And doing well, and I’m sure he will be back at it again.

Life doesn’t stop chores are always there. We choose a life that doesn’t have weekends off, holidays, or over time, and its our choice and wouldn’t change it. Finding a balance is very hard. I would think we sleep well at night. Very rarely do we sleep threw the night. For example last night, our milk was picked up at 3:30 am to go out to be made into cheese. So my husband gets up and goes down to the barn and gets a pitcher of milk for the house from the tank before he loads the trailer. Back up to the house. What am I doing….yeah on my phone reading different news sites, the weather, and emails. I look over he is doing the same thing.

As soon as the sun hits the horizon our 14 Year old Lab gets up and wants to go out, and is in by the time the guys are up and going out to start chores. Out to the barn they go, and I get a text message. 135 Reba had a heifer last night. Mom and little girl are doing well. She has had her first milk, and is doing great.

By the end on the day if pop storms haven’t come thru there’s more. The men are planting soy-beans, mowing grass. Or as this night in particular bring in a load of straw. Only a few more loads to go. This will serve as bedding for the upcoming winter. We will also use corn stalks, and soybean vines, but those will be put up in the fall.

Me with my MS, well guess who gets to label the cheese and butter??? Yep! The guys do help but the ware house is temperature controlled, and better for my health. This week we were running low on Smoke Cheddar, and Chesapeake Cheeses. So I started there.

Before long we start the cycle a over again.

Stay well

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