Thinking About Winter

Its that time again that I start putting up food for this winter. Its crazy to think about this winter when it is 90 plus degrees out, but now is the time. Jars have been handed down over the years, so I have all sorts of shapes and sizes. This year the hardest thing to find are the lids. Jars and the rings can be reused, but not the lids. I’ll do what I can, with what I have.

Last weekend I had enough beans to run a batch through the pressure canner. Green Beans are one thing I like to reach for when putting a meal together. I always to a few pint jars, for my mom or the boys to take, or even a soup. But for us a quart jar seems to be the right amount for most meals.

Tomatoes were my choice this weekend. I really wanted to make ketchup, but I didn’t have the correct ingredients, so pasta sauce, and whole tomatoes it was. Hard to imagine that I used almost two boxes of tomatoes for the two batches. I can do tomatoes in a hot water bath, so it is a little easier the the pressure canner. I use tomatoes for so may things. I pulled the towel off of these this morning. When I get home, I’ll check the seals, label and put them in the cupboard.

Strawberry Jam is usually the first thing I make. I probably did 3 batches this spring, but I noticed the other day there is like 3 jars left. My youngest son loves homemade strawberry jam, and I do believe he is the one that has been enjoying it.

I have also done a little asparagus and plan to do some corn, but those have and will go in the freezer. Its always nice to have a touch of summer with our meal in the winter. I know all the ingredients, and even where the produce came from. Its make me feel good as a mom and wife to be serving local foods in the winter, as the ground freezes and those plants are long gone.

I guess time is the only thing I need to find so I can accomplish all canning I want to do. For now I’ll do it when ever I can. A little here and a little there, will add up in the end.

Stay well, stay safe and enjoy all the local foods while they are in season, and don’t forget to follow the journey.

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