The other morning I was driving to the store and I was thinking about a Facebook post. It was totally random. A friend posted a question. When was the first time you flew in an airplane? It was really neat to see all of the responses. I usually don’t respond to these, and honestly I didn’t this time either. However it got me thinking about all the places I have been, and even where I grew up. I do believe in my heart I am where I want to be.

I was born in Philadelphia Pa., and raised in a Philadelphia suburb. Spent many years going in and out of the city to visit aging family. Then we upon my fathers retirement, we moved to Kent County Maryland. I was about 19. When we first moved here my thought was wow they are 10 years behind the times. I thought of all the changes needed to bring this county up to date. Then I realized what I love about Kent County is that it was 10 years behind the time. People waved at each other when they passed in a car. Said hello and held doors for one another. Stores were closed on Sundays. All such simple things. Over the years I realized it’s the simple things that sometimes mean the most.

The purple Lilac bush that was planted 3 generations ago, the bell that hangs on and old cedar post reminding us of a different time of communication. The dogwood tree that flowers in the shape of a cross, 26 years to the day my mother-in-law past away. The sun rises and sets around all these events every day, its the same but always different. All are beautiful.

Our house isn’t new, in fact its over 150 plus years old, our equipment breaks, nasty storms roll through, and new born calves find their way into our home on the coldest of mornings. We made the choice to live the life we do. It’s defiantly not fancy. The choice to farm isn’t taken lightly. We are at the mercy of mother nature, however at the end of the day we supply society with food. And in a nut shell, that is why we do it. Our goal is to be a shepherd for the animals and stewards of the land and environment, but also provide a food source for society.

I think back to that question of my first plane ride. Yeah I remember it. I was three and flew to Sweden. We were also in London, as I remember Big Ben, and the red double decker busses. I remember the Sistine Chapel. I have done my share of traveling, and by the time I graduated high school I had a passport that had seen its best days years before. In fact when I graduated my parents gave me a choice for my graduation gift. A trip to Australia or a horse trailer. I made my choice and never looked back.

We all have choices in our lives. No one choice fits everyone, but our choice is to farm. As long as we are able we will be farming in Kent County until our finial days.

Until then we will be a shepherd for the animals and stewards of the land and environment, and continue provide a food source for society.

Stay well, stay safe and follow the journey from farm to table.

Location Worton Maryland 21678 E-mail Dogwoodlane96@gmail.com Hours Due to bio security, visits to the farm are by appointment only.
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