It Feels a Little like Fall

Digging out our fall decorations and finding a random tractor in the driveway. Where will he go next?

September is the month I look for as we head into summer. With my MS the summer temperatures can be a bear to handle. I have always looked forward to fall, because I love this time of year, but now I really look forward to it. The heat effects my body and makes it difficult to do simple chores. Today the humidity has left, the sun is out, and it is just a great day. The AC is off, and the windows are open.

One thing I love to do in the fall on the farm is decorate and decorating I have started. Over the years I have just collected things and I’m not one to toss and buy new every year. I don’t normally follow the latest fads, but instead I just keep what I like, and it make it unique to us. My husband will find me a bale to paint or old tires to stack and paint. It’s never the same look, but we use the same items each year.

So, when I dug out my first plastic Skelton, I looked for a place to put it. One of our old tractors was in the way, so boom there my buddy sits waiting for my husband to find him. This will start a game. My husband will take it down and do something different with it. I think of it as elf on the shelf, but with life size skeletons. Life is too short to fret the big things. We have enough stress, and this just breaks that weight on our shoulders. Even if it for a few minutes. As we move closer to Halloween all the bone boys will arrive, as will the other decorations. But for now, it’s a game.

Enjoy these days of cooler air. Winter will be here soon enough.

From farm to table, follow the journey, stay local and buy local.

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