Why A2A2

The origins of the Guernsey cow come mainly from a combination of two different breeds, the “Froment du Leon” and the Norman Brindle. The combination of the two breeds gives us our medium framed cow a rich supply of quality golden milk.

The logo for guernsey products was developed and used “Golden Guernsey Products” [milk bottle] cap. This cap used the Guernsey jug enclosed by two circles and around the circle were the words “Golden Guernsey Products.” Today it is trademarked, so if you see this logo, you know you have the real thing.

As for A2A2, the two most common proteins found in milk are A1 and A2. Breeds of cows like Guernsey, naturally as a breed are about 93% A2A2. Whereas Holstiens for example are about 35%. Holstiens make up majority of the fluid milk in our stores. These two proteins are digested differently. For some who have a sensitivity milk, it is likely due to the A1 protein. It can cause problems with digestion. Many think they are reacting to the lactose in milk but are actually reacting to the A1 protein! This can be changed by switching to A2A2 milk.

Our Herd of Guernseys have been around for the last 99 years. Living on the same farm and grazing in the same fields as their ancestors. We have stayed true to our Guernseys, and they in turn they are staying true to us. They provide us with the most amazing milk. So much so that our cheese yield is above average, and the golden hue is unlike any other. Right now, we only provide cheese and butter, but as we grow, we will introduce other Guernsey products to the market.



From farm to table, follow the journey, stay local and buy local.

Location Worton Maryland 21678 E-mail Dogwoodlane96@gmail.com Hours Due to bio security, visits to the farm are by appointment only.
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